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    VR-things is made up of virtual environment experts.

    VR-things is made up of virtual environment experts.
    It creates phygital experiences that augment reality and connect individuals, products and places.

    Réalité augmentée et connectée

    VR-things designs and develops interfaces to offer high-value-added merged-reality experiences. The company brings people together in virtual environments by making use of the best digital technology: VR HD, VA, 3D, real time, binaural sound, VOIP, etc.

    The first connected holo-store

    With its innovation, known as “the POD”, VR-things has created a connected holo-store, namely, a communication and distribution channel for companies that wish to boost their sales and bring their stores to life.

    Launched in June 2017, the POD makes an outlet more attractive. In addition to enhancing the product or service experience, it offers the user the opportunity to be connected to an expert or a project manager.

    In France and around the world, the POD allows companies to broadcast holo-sales programs with 3D or VR content in association with the best interfaces and related services.

    Services and Products



    The POD is a connected virtual store that can be used to sell a project or a product within an area that measures 4 m2 and that is “augmented” by a limitless and immersive virtual space.


    A connected store for a high-quality holo-sales experience

    A connected store for a high-quality holo-sales experience

    The POD is a connected virtual store that can be used to sell a project or a product within an area that measures 4 m2 and that is “augmented” by a limitless and immersive virtual space.

    The user slips into a virtual-reality environment to discover the project or product.

    While immersed, he or she can be connected to other users and to the sales team.
    The POD can therefore allow remote stakeholders to meet in a 3D holograph to present, view and handle life-size products. The consumer enjoys an innovative and persuasive experience that combines physical sensations and digital technology.

    Thanks to the POD, the user enters a comfortable environment that teleports him, in the company of a salesperson, to a showroom, a project or a building, boat, cultural venue, etc.

    The POD offers the user the opportunity to visit a site without having to travel there. You can immerse yourself in the environment of a building and its neighborhood. and visit the building’s various stories and spaces. The user slips into a secure and programmed environment and enjoys a user-friendly and collaborative experience.

    Through the POD, a developer may meet all of those concerned by a real estate project (clients, architects, etc.) while also visiting the premises.

    High-potential sectors connected to real estate

    This initial use of the Pod in the real-estate sector demonstrates the advantages of the device and illustrates its ability to support the sale of products and services in other sectors:

    • Retail: heightened experience of products in the store and discovery of the brand’s universe
    • Industry: sailing/yachting, aviation, automotive, etc.
    • Construction: construction and public works, major town-planning projects, transport
    • Luxury real estate, bespoke home decor;
    • Travel and tourism: discovery of holiday resorts, tourist sites
    • Health and safety: confined and hazardous spaces, nuclear power plants, simulations.

    Merged Reality and Holography to Create a Virtual Showroom

    Furniture dedicated to virtual reality

    The POD contains all necessary equipment (hardware, VR headsets, touchscreen, RGB sensor), whose ergonomic design is adapted to the sales process. Demountable and transportable, the POD can be used everywhere: conferences, trade shows, events, etc.

    Installation of hardware and software

    Based on a merged-reality operating system and an SAAS web platform (back and front office).

    Content management ecosystem

    The platform which is used to deliver the product as a service is “open” to enable, over the long term, a large number of business applications developed by specialist software publishers to access the platform. The aim is to create dedicated content that relies on the telepresence of sales advisors to ensure a collaborative sales experience.

    The “POD development kit” lets you create your own holo-sales and holo-presentation applications.



    All of the equipment, including POD furniture, merged-reality interfaces (HTC Vive and Intel Realsense sensor), the touchscreen, hardware, operating software and the POD’s web platform, which manages the holographic communications and scene contents.

    From €30,000 (excluding taxes) per unit


    Access to the Cloud-based platform that hosts the applications allows the client to benefit from ongoing and corrective maintenance of the hardware, touch/VR interfaces, sensors and software.

    €1,500 (excluding taxes) per month


    Specific and tailor-made services: customization of the POD, production of content, sales applications. The platform is compatible with all types of content. The system is open to attract a community of high-value-added application producers.

    An application development kit (“API”) is currently being “beta-tested” by the Altran Group. It enables a company to create any type of sales application for the POD.

    Our Customers

    The POD experience with BNP Paribas Real Estate and IFS Retail Banking


    VR-Things developed its first connected holo-store applied to real-estate sales in partnership with BNP Paribas. The aim is to participate in the sale of new and old apartments and residential and commercial properties.

    The BNP Paribas branch at 2, place de l’Opéra, Paris currently hosts a holo-sales POD.
    Part of the innovation program of this French and European banking leader, the branch offers its customers a more immersive, experiential and projective commercial relationship.
    The branch is testing the use and advantages of this device in the customer’s journey.

    There is also a POD in New York, in the showroom of Côté France, and in London. A pod will be installed in Hong Kong in the first quarter of 2018.

    Team & development

    The founders

    “We are convinced that VR and holography will form part of the sales process in the future: humans interacting remotely in an enriched environment that reproduces the quality of physical interactions.“


    France’s leader in professional 3D modeling

    Vectuel focuses on the development of the company: Grégory Morlet, Fabrice Simondi, Benoit Serceau.
    Concept and software

    Côté France

    A French high-tech furniture company

    Pascal Zay and Raphaël Du Mérac are known for their work on product design and user ergonomics.
    Manufacturing of the product, distribution and after-sales service

    Ramy Fischler


    Fabrice Simondi


    Benoit Serceau


    Pascal Zay


    Raphaël du Mérac


    Grégory Morlet


    The partners


    BNP Paribas Real Estate
    No. 1 for commercial property
    BNP Paribas retail banking (France)
    1,964 branches in mainland France
    BNP Paribas Real Estate has used this global holo-sales system since January 15, 2018, at its flagship branch, Le 2 Opéra, Paris.
    The POD has also been installed in New York, London and Hong Kong (March 2018).


    A few figures

    70 to 80% of consumers are interested in virtual reality to improve their purchasing


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